Because Razzberry's #1 love is food, his fat sack almost drags on the ground when he's walking and it swings side to side when he trots up to people. Ever since we declawed Razzberry, got him a collar with a bell, and he got fat, every day it becomes harder and harder for him to hunt and eat his precious birds. His hunting days are over.

Of course, this means no more dead birds, moles, or mice on our doorstep. It also means he's going stay fat until he dies. Silly cat, lazyness is for humans. :]


phathead said...

Sweet blob! Razberry has a pretty easy life; I can see why he's so fat. A friend of mine had a cat that weighed 22 pounds. I hope Razberry doesn't get that big! Can't wait to see the cat-cam.

phathead said...

Sweet blob! Razberry isn't the biggest cat I've seen. My friend's cat, George Forman, weighed 22 pounds! Hopefully Razberry doesn't get that big.