Razzberry's Eating Habits

It's time for another installment of something that's actually about Razzberry!! Today I'll be describing his eating habits!! Woo-hoo!!

First off he eats constantly (that's why he's fat), he goes outside for five minutes, whines to get back inside, then whines again to get food, then he falls asleep where ever he wants to for usually 2hr, this happens around 3-7 times a day.

There is a good thing and a bad thing about his eating habits, the good thing is that he's not finicky about his cat food, we can feed him any type cat food we buy for him. The bad thing about his eating habits is that if he sees the bottom of the bowl he stops eating. I know this because I usually find it empty in the middle and some food on the edges, I rarely find it empty (but when I do, I suspect Razzberry closed his eyes).

That's Razzberry's eating habit's for ya'. I hope you're satisfied.


What do you want to know?

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Private Eye Monkey, Comments&Ideas please

I'm writing a book called Private Eye Monkey. It's a comedy book about a private eye monkey on a mission to stop a terrorist type bad-guy named Yap Balloon. I decided to type the first part of the book and ask you to comment on what you think about it and what I should change, put in, etc. Here it is.

One day I was running around on my office celling, when a weird man with a big, golden Afro and long nose-hair barged in and frantically yelled, "Private Eye Monkey! A vial of pure stench soup has been stolen by a team of diabolical elite forces, called the team of diabolical elite forces. Their leader Yap Balloon is planning to use his Super Stench Spreader 10,000 to spread the stench all over the world, unless President Crusty the Clown gives him all the Vaseline in the world!"

"Why would I care?"

"President Crusty must give Yap Balloon's vice villain guy all the bananas in the world."

"That mad-man must be stopped! What do I need to do?"

"You must go to New Zealand, sneak into Yap Balloons base, take back the stench soup, then launch it (the stench soup) to one of those gas planets, like Neptune or something, then tell the president when you're done."

"I'm on it sir!" That's how my crazy adventure started...

that's as far as I'm going. Remember to leave coments saying what you liked what you think I should change, add in, etc.


New video posting!

Whooooooo! Yes! there is now a part in the post creation editing thing that allows you to post videos without uploading them to You Tube or something else. I thought I'd post my happiness because a. I'm weird b. My mom has to post the videos to You Tube and she forgets and c. I really need to catch on my summer joke practice and blogs while there still no school... sigh :v(

Cheezy Potatoe Sauce Commercial

I wlil now be blgoigng cmomericals of a new ieda cerated by my cuoisns and I. Hpoe you enojy.

Oh and srory for taking so lnog to psot aagin.

Ha try to read that! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha(choke)


Razzberry's Favorite People

ME!!! Ha ha, just joking. Razzberry's favorite person is... Whoever just fed him last.