Red light, Green light Variation

Sit your cat down in the grass, then back up a few feet. Wait untill he is mostly unaware of your presence, then try to sneak up and touch him or her without drawing the cats attention.

No, this does not work with dogs.


Stuff on My Cat

Go to StuffonmyCat.com. A really funny blog of pictures of cats with stuff on them.




Proof that Spifes (spoon knife fork) exist.


Awesome Line Rider Track

Check out this awesome Line Rider track made by Tech Dawg.


I prefer it without the music, but that's just me.


Razzberry the Bird Hunter

Razzberry caught a bird this week, which means I can't call him lazy for a week.
It was really funny when he caught the bird (actually no-one saw him catch the bird) right as I opened the door (which I wouldn't have done if I had known he had the bird, the 1st set of parenthesis kinda points this out) he dropped the dead bird on the door mat, then he started being really friendly. Obviously Razzberry still loves us, but it would have been nicer if he had caught the mole in our yard that keeps making mounds of dirt everywhere.