Breaking News!! Girl saves cat!!

This is Fat Cat news, here with breaking news.

Just recently a girl by the name of Sarah McGwire has saved Razzberry, the blog mascot from the top of a garage roof.

"It was hilarious!" said an anonymous bystander. "The only problem was that no one had a camera.


Cat injury report

This is a Cat Injury Ieport (CIR).

Just recently, Razzberry has gotten a cut in between his leg and chest. I will never be writting updates because I don't feel like it.


Mischief cat

It's time for a FAT CAT newsflash.

There have recent reports of a mischievous cat drinking other peoples water and climbing on cars. These are pictures of him caught in the act. If you see this trouble maker in the act, just contact the authorities, they will say "un-huh" and ignore it.


Pictures of Razzberry

HA!! I shall now show you a bunch of what I think might be (just maybe) bad pictures of Razzberry.


Razzberry's Theme Song

My cousin (the one known as "Race" among my family) and I created a theme song for Razzberry. It goes like this

"Razzberry, Razzberry the wonderful cat/dog!
His purring sounds like a motor-boat.
His drool can fill a castle-moat.
He's Razzberry, Razzberry the wonderful cat/dog!
That's Razzberry for ya'"

It's the best song ever!