Razzberry's Eating Habits

It's time for another installment of something that's actually about Razzberry!! Today I'll be describing his eating habits!! Woo-hoo!!

First off he eats constantly (that's why he's fat), he goes outside for five minutes, whines to get back inside, then whines again to get food, then he falls asleep where ever he wants to for usually 2hr, this happens around 3-7 times a day.

There is a good thing and a bad thing about his eating habits, the good thing is that he's not finicky about his cat food, we can feed him any type cat food we buy for him. The bad thing about his eating habits is that if he sees the bottom of the bowl he stops eating. I know this because I usually find it empty in the middle and some food on the edges, I rarely find it empty (but when I do, I suspect Razzberry closed his eyes).

That's Razzberry's eating habit's for ya'. I hope you're satisfied.

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