CAT VS. DOG, the true story o-TTHHHHBBBTTT

Prey in sight. Slowly approaching. Slowly, slowly, 2xslower then a slug. Butt up, legs ready, head down, ready to pounce. Razzberry jumps on the bird, sinks his teeth into its neck, there's blood all over the ground, then he leaves the bones and remaing body parts on the porch (or if he's really happy, under our bed). Of course now that he's fat that doesn't happen much.

All of the sudden a big black & white thing appears on Razzberry's cat-rader thing (how else could they know you're right behind them. When they're asleep!). It's the dog, Izzy is running up to the cat. The cat simply lays down, hisses, and whacks Izzy's nose. Thats the most exciting thing they do, except when Izzy gets really hyper and crashes into the wall.

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