The History of Razzberry

My family got Razzberry 6 years ago by some people. They had lost their cat Theodore (but we'll call him "Blackberry", for millitary reasons), which we found in some blackberry bushes next to our house. We named the cat blackberry and looked for LOST CAT signs. My sister (Sarah, she has a blog too, sarahsweeklyinfo.blogspot.com) finally found one and we had to give the cat back. since we Sarah was 7, I was 5, and my brother was 3, Sarah whined her head off.

After awhile, the same cat that gave birth to "Blackberry", gave birth to more cats, so they gave us two that looked like "Blackberry". We named one Blackberry and the other Razzberry.

Blackberry was fat and Razzberry was skinny (somehow). But then we lost Blackberry, and Razzberry got fat.

That's how Razzberry got his status.

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